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Tours Abroad

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Geography of our tours is extensive. We offer, as group, so individual tours. It is possible to choose your individual tour practically in every point of the world. At our company you can choose tours of any complexity and value, by choosing any type of traveling and wide assortment of hotels and excursions.

Fare of individual tours is calculated according by your order: Istanbul - 630 GEL (one week), Barcelona - 1650 GEL (10 day), Greece - 1200 GEL (one week), Thailand - 2160 GEL (10 day), Madrid - 1650 GEL (10 day). These prices include travel, hotel, foodservice, transfer and insurance fare.

By the way we offer broad spectrum sea voyage: across Mediterranean Sea ...

Discover Georgia

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Travel in Georgia

Work every day, household chores, numerous business and family matters ... You want to relax so much but a vacation is not soon. Relieve fatigue and forget about the gray everyday life can be done on the weekends. Weekend tour help you radically change the situation, get new unforgettable experience, spend time with friends and family or meet new people. Caves, mountains, gorges and canyons .... Ancient fortresses and temples - all this awaits you in Georgia. Every Saturday and Sunday we will arrange tours for you to travel to different parts of Georgia.

Rest In Egypt

Week in 3* Hotel from 550 GEL.
Week in 4* Hotel from 550 GEL.

Rest In Turkey

Early booking tours to Turkey
Week in 3* Hotel from 410 GEL.